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Sulmara Receives Geophysical Survey Permit for Offshore Wind Development in California
Sulmara, a leading offshore survey company, proudly announces that we have secured a Geophysical Survey Permit from the California State Lands Commission.
Offshore Wind

This significant milestone allows Sulmara to conduct comprehensive offshore geophysical surveys in the marine waters of California, solidifying our commitment to the development of offshore renewable energy in North America.

Sulmara shares the State of California's ambitious environmental goals, by focusing on reducing carbon emissions and risk to personnel safety, while providing high-quality datasets with minimal impact on the environment. We achieve this through innovative methodology and technology including development of uncrewed and remote systems to deliver results with minimal impact and next generation ground modelling systems. Leveraging our global experience, Sulmara brings cleaner, tested solutions to overcome the unique challenges of the West Coast and actively supports the development and maintenance of the offshore wind industry.

Sulmara acknowledges the critical importance of fostering meaningful local engagement with regulators and supply chains to foster the necessary innovation needed to deliver Net Zero. We express deep gratitude to the State Lands Commission for granting Sulmara the opportunity to fulfill its mission in California.

"Sulmara is thrilled to have been granted the Geophysical Survey Permit by the California State Lands Commission," said Andy Nicol, Regional Director, Western Hemisphere, at Sulmara. "We are dedicated to working closely with local communities, regulators, and the supply chain to deliver innovative solutions that align with California's environmental objectives.”

About Sulmara

Sulmara is a leading offshore survey company specializing in providing high-quality survey and inspection services for the offshore energy industry. Committed to sustainability and innovation, Sulmara employs advanced technologies and uncrewed systems to minimize its carbon footprint and ensure environmental and personnel safety. With extensive global experience, Sulmara brings proven solutions to tackle the unique challenges of offshore wind development, helping clients achieve their renewable energy goals.