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Innovation for a sustainable energy future...
because our environmental impact doesn’t stay offshore.
How we currently generate and distribute offshore energy has a substantial environmental impact, this is understood. Is there a better way?
That’s the challenge we always set ourselves. We collaborate to harness our approach: People + Technology + Methodology to reduce environmental impact, mitigate risk and deliver sustainable value.

From pre-installation activities through offshore construction into ongoing maintenance Sulmara are working on smarter ways to deliver the geodata and asset data our clients need.

Let’s work together to meet the challenge of safely delivering accurate data with fewer CO2 emissions, within budget and within time.

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Sulmara People
Sulmara is growing. Are you ready to join us ?

At Sulmara, we’re committed to delivering the best solutions for our clients and for the planet. And we’re looking for like-minded people who have – or are keen to gain – the experience, skills and knowledge to support our clients’ projects while making as little impact on the environment as possible. 

Our teams are expanding all over the world. Is there a post at Sulmara for you?

What could a career at Sulmara offer you?
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We don’t have all the answers
But we are committed to finding them. We are not afraid to share our failures alongside our successes. We embrace the risks inherent in delivering the technologies and methodologies that work for a sustainable future. But we are also smart enough to know we can’t do this alone.

Collaboration is key to us at Sulmara - working with our technology partners to shape developments to solve the most critical problems our clients have. We’re making a difference.  Want to join us?

How we work with our Partners
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