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At Sulmara, our people care about their environmental impact. Do you?

Everyone at Sulmara has a voice, everyone is challenged to help us deliver on our mission.

By harnessing the integrity and passion of our people we challenge current methodologies. We help shape ground-breaking, carbon reducing technologies. We deliver sustainable value.

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Working at Sulmara
Sulmara offers an inclusive, supportive and flexible working environment –where we listen to what our people have to say.
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There’s a strong sense of community at Sulmara. There’s a hands-on, real-time approach to problem solving, a blurring of the usually definite lines between offshore and onshore and a warm welcome to new team members, whether graduates or experienced personnel. 


Thanks to our REACH initiative, which allows our employees to make suggestions for change that will positively impact their working life, everyone at Sulmara has a voice and can contribute to new initiatives and has led to on-shore and off-shore people sharing their experiences, challenges, expertise and skills.    

Our people work hard and work well. At Sulmara, we like to say thank you. We back up our thanks by recognising and rewarding their efforts.
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We believe in giving our people opportunities for personal growth and professional development, enabling them to experience the wide variety of work scopes and challenges available through Sulmara’s projects, locations and training opportunities. 


We believe in rewarding our people, whether they’re offshore or onshore. Sulmara provides a range of employee benefits to support our people’s mental health and wellbeing. 

At Sulmara, we don’t believe in pigeon-holing our people into single roles. Specialist training and personal development begins from the word go – and is continual.
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We invest in our people, they are our most important asset and their development through cross disciplined training across technical, management and social skills in an investment in our mission’s success.

Life at Sulmara
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