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My story


Graduate Offshore Surveyor

“Sulmara is a people orientated business and early on it was very easy to see.”

“In my first week of training I was warmly received, including by CEO Kevin McBarron and COO Carlo Pinto who are greatly supportive of the graduate program. The following month of training involved EIVA Survey Processing and softwarw, Qinsy software and BOSIET and MIST, HUET and CAEBS training; it was a large learning curve made easier with coaching from experienced surveyors and a supportive team. I now feel confident to operate to the highest standard that Sulmara sets on correct survey operation. 

I found that each course has built on and reinforced my knowledge from the previous one. Surveying requires experience and 1st hand operation to develop, these courses have offered me the best standing to begin as an Offshore Survey Graduate for Sulmara. The team has been outstanding. 

Nine weeks after starting with Sulmara, I was on site in Texas for a project and was walked through USV anatomy, deployment and care. I was taught piloting, meteorology factors and sound velocity data acquisition. I now have invaluable experience disassembling and reassembling the USV with alternate payloads. Spending time with the team has been invaluable to understand the scale of Offshore Infrastructural projects and how USVs fit into the future.”

George Barker