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How do we reduce the impact of offshore projects?

People + Technology + Methodology

Sulmara is leading the charge in challenging current practices in the offshore subsea sector. We are supporting the drive towards greener energy generation. 

Offshore windfarms are transforming the energy transition, but we should also be installing them in the most ecology sound ways possible. 

Uncrewed and Remote Technology

Uncrewed platforms are already redefining the way we collect marine data in a range of environments, from the shallowest coastal waters to the deep ocean. We are investing significantly in developing the next generation of these platforms to deliver a brighter energy future - fewer carbon emissions, improvements in data quality and a reduction in the offshore exposure hours for our people.

Site Characterisation

A small percentage of the cost of developing offshore energy projects, the site investigation phase is crucial to inform and de-risk the rest of the project lifecycle. Our focus is on smarter hardware and acquisition techniques to get this data to our clients earlier, to derisk offshore energy and accelerate delivery.

Route Development

Installation and operation of subsea cables and pipelines is becoming more important every year. We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality route engineering, development and survey capabilities, from the very start of a project through the entire lifetime of an asset. Our drive to use innovation and technology to reduce the environmental footprint of these operations enables us to support key infrastructure projects in the best way possible.

Offshore support services

Complex offshore projects often need advanced survey, positioning, and technical input to be a success. From positioning of marine and subsea assets to de-risking subsea cable installation our aim is to add value through improvements in methodology and technology to deliver efficiency to our clients’ operations.