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Offshore Support Services

We can support your project with expert personnel and equipment across the globe. Bringing our expertise to complex campaigns allows us to add value and provide better services to our clients, acting as more than just a survey provider, but as a trusted long-term partner.

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Offshore support services

With global offices and staff and an extensive track record, we are well suited to provide project positioning services for vessels, installations, platforms, and subsea assets. 

We can deploy personnel, equipment and technology anywhere in the world as needed.

Offshore support services
Trenching support

Cable and pipeline trenching is a growing market, and we are well positioned to support that demand with a pre- and post-trenching survey track record that is second to none.

We have an extensive track record in supporting trenching and cable lay operations, and have worked with our clients to develop efficient methods for the positioning of trenching assets.

Offshore support services
Specialist survey services

Sometimes, survey data needs to be acquired in an unconventional location, or in an unconventional way.  We exist to work with our clients to come up with solutions that solve these problems.

Offshore support services
USV deployment

Some of our USV technology can be deployed whilst offshore, giving survey capability to projects without dedicated survey assets, and allowing parallel operations from construction, cable lay or decommissioning vessels.

Offshore support services
Route preparation

We have track record in providing boulder relocation, PLGR and pre-clearance surveys for the cable and pipeline industry. 

By combining our innovative approach with expertiese in ROV and route preparation services, we can work with clients to help them realise efficiencies in their operations.