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At Sulmara, we believe the planet is too high a price to pay.

True excellence is being accountable for the impact we leave behind. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact – and our clients’ environmental impact.

We want to work with you to reduce your project’s carbon footprint. 

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Timeline background

Our journey to Net Zero.
Now to 2030



  • Finalise ESG & Sustainability Policies
  • Finalise ESG & Sustainability Report formats
  • QHSE Sharepoint


  • Communicate ESG & Sustainability Report formats
  • Implement carbon calculator
  • Communicate ESG & Sustainability Policies


  • Knowledge Sharing 
  • Develop 2023 carbon management plan
  • Review carbon offset provider
  • Sustainable travel policy
  • Climate Pledge Passport


  • Independent Verification Stage 1 (PAS 2060)
  • Develop 2024 Carbon Management Plan
  • Develop IMS documents to conform to ISO 14064 & PAS 2060
  • Improve carbon footprint per activity based on 2023 baseline
  • Project Carbon Calculators across all projects
  • Independent verification PAS2060 Carbon Neutrality
  • ESG Assessment of critical vendors
  • Onshore utilities - 100% renewable
2025 -
  • Annual improvement of carbon footprint in adherence with our Carbon Management Plan
  • Increased use of low carbon USV platforms replacing vessels
  • Increased adoption of efficiencies possible from NextGen ground modelling & AI computing
  • All of these advances reducing the overall carbon cost of offshore energy
  • Net Zero achieved
Environmental initiatives
We’re moving in the right direction
Committed The Climate Pledge

One of the first offshore services companies to be a signatory to The Climate Pledge

On June 28, 2021 Sulmara committed to and signed The Climate Pledge - a commitment by almost 440 global companies to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2040.  We are taking steps to target 2030.

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We’re moving in the right direction
Transparent BSI

One of the first offshore Services companies to be awarded under PAS2060.

Sulmara is committed to achieving and maintaining carbon neutrality across our global operations.

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We’re moving in the right direction

Sulmara is committed to maintaining our focus in key areas

  • Preventing pollution from emissions and unwanted discharges.

  • Protecting the environment, minimising & responsibly managing the waste we produce and effective recycling.

  • Responsible & efficient use of resources / sustainable resources.

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We’re moving in the right direction
Net Zero by 2030

Our aim is to take as much carbon out of the atmosphere as we emit.

We will achieve this by measuring and understanding our impact.

We are committed to establishing technology and methodologies that massively reduce our impact.

We will offset only with high integrity climate action projects.

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We’re moving in the right direction
Projects for 2024 and beyond

Discussions underway to collaborate with organisations to support marine based regeneration and restoration projects.

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Positive Improvement Award winner 2022
Positive Improvement Award winner 2022
Scottish Green Energy Awards
Finalist in Supplier 2022
Finalist in Supplier 2022
Net-Zero Energy Transition Awards
Good Practice award for the 2021 VIBES
Good Practice award for the 2021 VIBES
Scottish Environment Business Awards
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