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Site characterisation

We have built a track record in providing a variety of specialist vessel options for our clients. With vessels on both seasonal and long-term charters, we are well-placed to perform complex survey and subsea operations around the world.

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Site characterisation
Where are they useful ?

Uncrewed systems are fast maturing to become a vital tool in site characterisation in a range of environments.

We continue to drive their usefulness and develop their capability to do more and reduce the need for crewed vessels in this phase of offshore energy.

New technology takes time and effort to deliver on its potential, but we are committed to the continued investment needed to ensure uncrewed systems become the standard platform for data acquisition in site investigation. 

Site characterisation
Data quality

Thanks to a shift in design focus, uncrewed vessels are built around their sensors, rather than being built around keeping people comfortable and safe.

This leads to superb data quality, and often far greater weatherability compared to much larger conventional vessels. USVs can often stay at sea in worsening environmental conditions, extending working windows and improving project efficiency.

Site characterisation

USVs give us the flexibility to offer different data acquisition capabilities to projects around the world.

The operational and commercial flexibility of low-impact remotely operated systems can provide significant advantages in complex site characterisation, combining USVs with more traditional techniques for the best possible outcome.

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