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Site characterisation

​We have built a track record in providing a variety of specialist vessel options for our clients. With vessels on both seasonal and long-term charters, we are well-placed to perform complex survey and subsea operations around the world.

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Site characterisation

Access to vessels via project, seasonal, or long-term charters has allowed us to provide full project site investigation capability worldwide for several years now.

It also gives us a platform to deploy our innovative technology and that of our partners to test and prove these development efforts are ready for commercial deployment.

Site characterisation
Conventional techniques

Despite all the innovation, remote technology can not yet fully replace conventional site characterisation techniques - USVs are improving rapidly, but ultimately large, crewed vessels are still very much required. 

Everyone has a responsibility to reduce the environmental impact of using large vessels, and we do everything we can to reduce vessel time, improve project efficiency and leverage technology wherever possible, even when working on projects in the hydrocarbon sector. 

Site characterisation
More comprehensive datasets

Deploying different technology from different platforms, we can build up datasets that provide a more detailed and useful picture of the seabed and subseabed conditions.

From wide-area, high-resolution seafloor imagery to subsurface 3D boulder visualisation and UXO identification, we are well positioned to work with our clients from a very early stage to help design and execute the next generation of site characterisation campaigns.

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