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Site characterisation

Acquiring high-quality data is only the beginning: it’s the information you can gather from that data that is key. Our leveraging of technology and innovative approach allows for better data to be acquired sooner, allowing advanced interpretation to take place to aid the decision-making at key stages of offshore projects.


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Site characterisation
It's all about the data.

The technology we use to acquire data might be innovative, sustainable and efficient, but we know how vital the actual data deliverables we produce are. 

Often, too much focus is given to the method of acquisition, or the vessel options, or the sensors selected for a project - but we know it's the data itself that will be used to inform critical decision-making. Our approach ensures we remember this at all stages of a campaign.

Site characterisation
Site characterisation
Research and development

Our research and development efforts on site characterisation are focused on delivering better data sets with greater efficiency across both the acquisition and interpretation phases to inform critical decision-making sooner. 

These efforts are informed and challenged by our clients and our technology partners, ensuring we deliver what the industry needs, where it is most critical.

Site characterisation
Providing insight, not just data

Using improved technology to provide data is a comparatively simple part of what we do. 

Adding expert interpretation adds huge value to datasets, and with the experience of our senior team, we are well-placed to help our clients gain a greater understanding of their data, leading to more informed decision-making and mitigation of risk.