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Uncrewed and Remote Technology

Working in partnership with the technology developers, we continually assess the latest remote and uncrewed platforms and through testing, in-house development and innovation, customise and improve these platforms to meet the needs of our clients. Where there are gaps in capability tht existing technologies have not addressed, our development team work to design the solution from scratch. 
Since 2019, we've invested more every year in improving uncrewed technology pre-commercialisation, as we believe the responsibility to work towards a greener future is a shared one.
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Solutions Uncrewed and Remote Technology
Capabilities in deeper water

As offshore wind moves into deeper water, and floating turbines become mainstream, we are well-positioned to provide high-resolution data acquisition at depth to fulfill engineering decision-making requirements.

Coupled with USV technology, remote systems such as AUVs can be leveraged to reduce the environmental impact of offshore data acquisition.

Uncrewed and Remote Technology
Improved HSE outlook

Human diving is still a requirement in the subsea industry, but with increased capability and efficiency of robotic and remotely operated systems, fewer dangerous person-led missions are required.

ROVs are not new, but the level of remote control and automation is increasing rapidly, yielding better solutions for subsea inspection and intervention tasks.

Uncrewed and Remote Technology
Automated inspection

Untethered inspection drones give remote and automated inspection capability for fixed structures. 

Low-impact vehicles will be key to the future of inspection in offshore wind, allowing for more frequent data collection, deployment from smaller vessel platforms and a reduction in risk for asset owners.