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Leadership & governance

We don’t strive for perfection. We strive for a culture of learning and collaboration.

We bring the leadership team’s experience together to develop and progress the business and support our people.

The field experience in our leadership team is routed in the offshore environment.  Our operational team all started their careers offshore.  So, we understand the issues and challenges faced by our people and our clients’ people.  It is from this perspective that we operate Sulmara instilling the values of problem solving and delivering for our clients, but always in adherence with our standards and procedures.  We value the structure we have put in place because it means we deliver consistently, with minimum risk for all our clients.

Kevin McBarron CEO
Carlo Pinto COO
Piotr Wisthal CFO
Andy Doggett Chief Technology Officer
Richard Watson Chief Strategy Officer
Andy Nicol Regional Director - Western Hemisphere
James Hope Regional Director - Eastern Hemisphere
Michael King Head of Sales
Mike Arnold Senior Vice President - Americas
Gail Morrison Head of QHSE
Lynn Brown Head of People
Paul Youngson Head of Contracts and Compliance

We have the leadership structure and governance framework in place to ensure we apply our standards consistently, effectively manage risk and continually innovate to improve our products and ­services.

We adhere to International Standards applicable to our operations, our environmental policies and practices, and our approach to occupational health and safety. Collaboration with our teams and clients is at the core of how we continually improve our methodologies and share the learning across the industry.

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