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Boulder Relocation for Vineyard V1 Windfarm

Boulder Relocation
Nantucket Sound, USA

What’s the best technology to support laying operations in the first US offshore utility-scale windfarm but with a quick turnaround?

Sulmara was contracted to locate, inspect, and relocate subsea targets identified as potential hazards along the Vineyard Wind 1 (VW1) Offshore Export Cable Corridor (OECC) connecting the 800-megawatt VW1 Wind Turbine Area (WTA) to the shoreside landing at Covell’s Beach, Massachusetts.


Sulmara turned the project around in four weeks from contract signature to the client kick off meeting. 

The Berto L Miller was offshore in the Nantucket Sound and Muskeget Channel for nine (9) days deploying the mechanical subsea grapple through the A-frame at the stern of the vessel.

Before departing New Bedford, the vessel embarked representatives from Local Labor 385 & Local Divers 56 who sailed as trained observers keeping watchful eye for cetaceans and turtles during daylight hours.

Sulmara relocated 58 objects in total from boulders to fishing debris.  A high current regime, inaccurate provided water depths and shifting sands in the Muskeget Channel made this a continuously challenging environment within which to work.  The team delivered a safe passage for the pipeline.


A Covid 19 outbreak during mobilization revealed the vessel owner did not have an infectious disease outbreak management plan and was looking to Sulmara for guidance.

The Sulmara project team down-manned the vessel, provided a cleaning service to disinfect the vessel accommodation, and implemented a strict regimen of monitoring & testing. After the initial outbreak and localized spread during mobilization, Covid 19 had no further impact to the project.


“A flexible partner that takes the initiative is key to the success of any project, especially in the challenging offshore environment.  As a partner Sulmara can always be relied on to deliver”

Kevin McBarron CEO

Efficient delivery and fast turnaround of Sulmara’s US boulder relocation service relocated 57 items to clear the way along the Offshore Export Cable Corridor.